Create a community challenge
and change lives!

You have the power to improve lives because you can provide incentives! Create a community challenge as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program and become a leader in social innovation.

How it works

  • Choose a fundraising event that your corporation wants to support
  • Create incentives by matching the contributions of the donors or providing a free coupon or award to the donors
  • Inform your followers and supporters
  • You are an aggregator of "good energy", your corporation will change lives!

Great benefits for you

  • Watch analytics and demographics of the performance of your Community Challenge in your own gridmates dashboard!
  • You have your own URL and web page in that will allow you to easily inform your network about your community challenge
  • Prove that your company can change lives

Get more involved

You can also become a leader in social innovation by using our widget! You can easily integrate it in your existing website, customer dashboard or mobile app and allow people to donate energy directly from your site!

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John Ivester
Senior Advisor, Silicon Labs

The Gridmates energy platform is a prime example of technology creating new ways for people to connect and support each other. As a leader in energy efficient technology, we fully support Gridmate's effort to end energy poverty.

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