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Gridmates is an enterprise software company that helps utilities and energy retailers enhance their existing Customer Assistance Programs (CAPs), enrich their billing services and improve customer satisfaction. Gridmates is a C-Corp headquartered in Austin Texas that develops cloud based solutions that change the way people experience energy.


48 million US people don’t have the means to pay for over $11 billion in utility bills that are reported as revenue losses. At present, utilities use legacy CAPs that do not meet modern customer behavior. In addition, nonprofit organizations spend $9 billion every year to cover their energy bills. Finally, residential users produce more than $2 billion of energy from solar panels, smart thermostats or powerwall batteries and they don’t have the means to offer it to others. Our product is a friends and family payment platform for utilities.

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Gridmates is a SaaS platform that helps utilities prevent the accumulation of bad debt, reduce the costs of collection and improve customer satisfaction by transforming Customer Care to today’s world of digital marketing that speaks to smartphone user, Millennials, etc. Simply put, Gridmates empowers users with the ability to give/donate energy to friends, family members or people in need, anywhere, anytime, just with the click of a button.

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