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Helping People Who Need Energy in France!

GEG’s New Energy Donation Platform, Powered by Gridmates, Provides Easy Online Giving 

Austin, Texas, April, 2018 – One of the most “human-centric” energy provider of France called GEG and located in the French Alps, joined forces with Gridmates to offer to its customers and surrounding communities an innovative online opportunity to make energy donations to those in need. On the heels of the success of U.S.-based Direct Energy’s Assistance Program, called Neighbor-to-Neighbor, digital innovation in bill assistance programs is now available in the French energy market. 

“It is astounding that 12,000,000 people in France, live below the poverty level.  These are the citizens of our community we need to help,” said Christine Gochard, GEG CEO. “Beginning in April 2018, we will provide GEG customers a digital experience to donate energy online with an easy and fast platform that also allows them to see real-time how much energy their donations provide. They choose the project and association they want to support.”

“There is a need to provide digital transformation in utility social responsibility programs. This will help increase the engagement of millennials and generation X residential customers who expect an interactive giving experience.” said Dr. George Koutitas, Gridmates Founder and CEO. “Gridmates provides a unique platform that allows users to make online donations of energy, see the impact of their contribution and also save and donate energy.”

As a key player in solidarity on its territory, GEG is determined to fight energy poverty and pursues its social and solidarity commitment. To go even further, GEG is launching PEP'S, an energy donation program. Its goal is to create a link between customers who want to act against poverty and people in precarious situations through partner associations.

The platform is the first service of this program. In addition to the donation platform, GEG will offer before the summer a new service called “solidarity euro” that will allow all customers to add € 1 on their electricity bill to help a partner association.

Gridmates technology takes advantage of the inevitable mass explosion in conducting online business that will dominate the traditional ways people manage their financial transactions. Particularly, the largest growing population, Millennials, are not “checking the box” to donate. They want to donate online and know where their money is going and who it is helping. Gridmates technology “meets them where they are” in providing seamless and clear-cut giving.  And Gridmates is ready to help!

About GEG

GEG is a local company that produces renewable energy, manages gas and electricity distribution networks in Grenoble, supplies electricity throughout France and public lighting. The company is the sixth largest French distributor of electricity and the fourth largest distributor of gas in France. 

About Gridmates

We offer a unique ecosystem connecting utilities, corporations, nonprofits and individuals. As the world’s first internet platform that connects people with energy to give energy is a powerful way to alleviate energy poverty. Gridmates helps electric and gas utilities transform their Bill Assistance Programs with digital and cloud innovation. Gridmates cloud platform for Smart Energy Donations improves community and donor engagement, strengthens utility social responsibility and helps utility and nonprofit executives manage fundraising campaigns for low income residential customers.  

Dr. George Koutitas

CEO & Co-Founder | Gridmates Inc.

Austin, Texas

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