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Share the Light in Greece!

--image: The light behind Acropolis in Athens, Greece.

About 4 years ago, I was at my home town in Greece and I experienced for the first time the impact of energy poverty in people's lives. A family within my neighborhood could not afford to pay their energy bills and was living in a dark and cold home. That's why I came up with the idea of Gridmates, a technology platform for energy donations that helps modern utilities improve their energy assistance and social responsibility programs. 

Today, I feel thrilled to share with you our partnership with HERON, a joint venture of ENGIE, world's leader in the Energy industry and GEK TERNA SA.

HERON, the leading energy retailer in Greece is using Gridmates technology to create one of the first and most innovative energy assistance programs in Europe. It is called "Share the Light" and offers HERON’s customers new ways to give back to the community with an easy to use cloud-based platform for smart energy donations. The mission of the program is to alleviate energy poverty and improve people's lives in Greece.

“HERON has recognized the transition to a human-centric energy business and has selected Gridmates as the technology company to provide a state-of-the-art platform for energy donations. Gridmates has helped HERON to enhance its existing social responsibility programs and create new campaign-based programs to improve customer and community engagement.” - said Mr. George Daniolos, CEO at HERON

"We believe that digital social responsibility is a key driver for community engagement and brand awareness in modern utilities" - said Dr. George Koutitas, CEO at Gridmates Inc. "HERON's program called Share the Light is a brilliant demonstration of how cloud based, smart grid and social media technologies can create a strong differentiator for the utility/retailer and make the difference in people's lives."

You can visit Share the Light program at 

Cheers to positive energy and energy donations!

With deepest gratitude,

Dr. George Koutitas

CEO & CoFounder at Gridmates inc.

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